At Kavod Charter School, service learning is woven into the fabric of our tuition-free TK-8 school. Our explorers exemplify our values by doing good deeds for each other, our school and our greater San Diego community. From grand gestures of giving to small acts of kindness, each grade level at Kavod has the opportunity to give back and help others.  

Why Service Learning?  

There are so many reasons to introduce children to good deeds. Good deeds help young people focus their thoughts outward, allowing them to step outside their own world for a little bit. In addition to making a big impact in the life of another, doing good deeds can promote mental wellness and increase a sense of confidence and agency in our students. 

Service learning is a core tenet of our philosophy, providing an active path for our explorers to bring to life our values of compassion, respect, teamwork, empathy and responsibility as they become global citizens. Good deeds introduce us to new people and experiences, which can open doors to friendships and opportunities we may have never considered. In short, doing good deeds feels good and helps us grow!

TK-8 Service Learning at Kavod Charter School

As explorers learn in social studies about their places in their larger communities—with their view of community expanding from that of their smaller local community to that of the larger world community—all Kavod explorers perform community service that draws upon and further develops their understanding of themselves and the world. 

Here are some examples of age appropriate ways our explorers engage with our community in a compassionate, giving way: 

🌐5th grade cleared a Chewy list, providing dog supplies for the Animal Pad Dog Rescue 

🌐Donating toys and shoes to Birthline of San Diego and Soles4Souls

🌐Writing letters to First Responders to thank them for their work and contribution

🌐Fundraising for the Snack Shack

🌐Organizing a Talent Show as a contribution to our school

🌐Cleaning up local beaches

🌐Providing blankets and care packages for those in need

🌐A schoolwide walk for epilepsy

🌐3rd grade completed the Domino Challenge with cereal boxes and donated items to a local food bank.

At Kavod, we believe that respect makes a world of difference. Join us for a caring community and a commitment to creating the world we want to live in. We’re enrolling for Fall 2023. 


Kavod is a non-religious, tuition-free public school that teaches the modern Hebrew language to TK-8th grade explorers in San Diego. We value rigor, bilingualism and international education as a means to develop compassionate global citizens. Kavod means “Respect” in Hebrew- and our vision is for every explorer to respect themselves, each other, their community, and other cultures. Enroll with Kavod today!

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