Since 2013, Kavod Charter School has been steadfast in our mission to provide a robust academic program alongside modern Hebrew language to grow socially responsible and respectful, global citizens. Along the way, word of our small tuition-free public school has gotten out and earned us the title of top 10% of charter schools in both San Diego and the state of California from Niche. 

What makes us the best? Niche says our test scores are part of the equation, and we agree, but we also know the answer lies deeper than the data. Our success as a school is greater than the sum of its parts: our shared commitment to high-quality teaching and learning for all of our TK-8 explorers creates a bit of magic that is hard to define, but easy to spot.  

Academic Excellence

Niche aims to make the school choice process easier by providing website users with data, reviews and insights into schools nationwide. In their review of Kavod, we have received an A grade for our exceptional staff and academics. This score is based on our latest California state testing, which reveals that the majority of Kavod explorers either meet or exceed the benchmark standards in both math and reading, far above the California state average. 

These phenomenal stats are a reflection of our rigorous academic program that provides a rich, immersive Hebrew language experience alongside a robust workshop model for elementary students and the highly regarded International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for middle school students. 

Caring Community

Beyond the numbers, we know Kavod is a pretty special place to be. It’s evident in the smiles of our explorers, the willingness of our families to volunteer, and the dedication of our staff to provide the best learning possible for our students. 

From our diverse community to our academic program and commitment to service learning, the success of our charter school is reflected best in the words of our families. Here’s what parents have to say:

Kavod has been the best education decision we have made with our kids. They instill a love for learning, rather than repeat until you “learn” a concept, no homework policy, excellent teachers and staff, a phenomenal Executive Director. We love the diversity and the small community feel. As a plus, it’s bilingual!

–Kavod Parent

Kavod sources its instructors from all over the world and its level of academia is world-class and inspiring. My kids come home from school with information and experiences that are truly global in nature…Now, not only do my kids like school but they are excited about the world and exploring it one day. Academically, Kavod exhibits a first-class private education – BUT IT’S FREE!!!! Kavod is like a hidden jewel in San Diego…I am safe in knowing my kids are supported academically, they receive social/emotional support, and I get a community of like-minded parents. I can’t say enough good things about this school.

–Kavod Parent

Niche has ranked Kavod Charter School in the top 10% of charter schools nationally–an impressive stat for a little school born out of a community’s desire to do what is best for children and our global community. If you are ready to be a part of something exceptional, we invite you to enroll for Fall 2023

About Kavod Charter School

Kavod is a non-religious, tuition-free public school that teaches the modern Hebrew language to TK-8th grade explorers in San Diego. We value rigor, bilingualism and international education as a means to develop compassionate global citizens. Kavod means “Respect” in Hebrew- and our vision is for every explorer to respect themselves, each other, their community, and other cultures. Enroll with Kavod today!

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