The San Diego community is an incredibly vibrant and diverse one, composed of many different ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. One of the key elements that binds our explorers and this community together is service-based learning and respect. These values are especially important at our tuition-free TK-8 school, Kavod is named for the Hebrew word meaning “respect.”

What is Service-Based Learning?

Service-based learning is a type of education where students learn by volunteering and helping others. This type of learning allows students to interact with their communities as they explore different aspects of their culture. 

At Kavod every grade level participates in age-appropriate opportunities for community service to promote social responsibility. Service-based learning is integrated across the curriculum so that Kavod explorers learn the value of understanding others in multiple contexts and communities. Activities help explorers understand the importance of respect and good citizenship. For example: third graders are working on a large scale domino challenge with cereal boxes that will then be donated to a local food bank. 

Curriculum, Community, Diversity 

In addition to service-based learning, a Hebrew language immersive education also teaches explorers about respect for others. Respect is an essential part of any language learning experience, but it is especially important for those learning a second (or third) language. By learning other languages and cultures with a sense of respect, our students become more socially responsible and inclusive. We believe these are essential life skills for creating a harmonious and diverse community.

Values we emphasize at Kavod:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect              
  • Courtesy                
  • Teamwork              
  • Tolerance                
  • Perseverance 

Developing responsible global citizens is what we do at Kavod, through service-learning, our value of respect and many other ways. We are a tuition-free public TK-8 school in San Diego proudly offering a non-religious modern Hebrew language immersive program. We welcome your young explorers to join us on this incredible learning journey. Enroll with Kavod today!

About Kavod

Kavod is a nonreligious tuition-free public school that teaches the modern Hebrew language. Serving young explorers in TK-8th grade in San Diego, we embrace a rigorous bilingual curriculum, which also includes Spanish. We place deep value in our high quality international education as we develop compassionate global citizens. Kavod means “Respect” in Hebrew- and our vision is for every explorer to respect themselves, each other, their community, and other cultures. Enroll with Kavod today!

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