Kavod believes it is important for the family to support and encourage the learning process, but that the learning process should primarily occur in the classroom. As the reading is the only aspect of “homework” that has proven to increase academic skills, Kavod focuses on asking parents to have structured reading time at home in the evening.

Beyond reading at home Kavod does not implement traditional homework in the elementary grade In grades K-2 Kavod has home review and in grade 3-5 Kavod has home practice. The purpose of this is for students to engage their parents in what they are learning at school and to set up a routine/structure at home. While Middle School has more traditional independent work that is considered homework if explorers need to complete it at home, Kavod provides work periods throughout the week during the school day.

Conversation Starters

Teachers provide parents with talking points on what the students are learning each week to aid parents in a review conversation with the students.

Elementary Grades

Children are not required to complete home review or home practice and are not penalized for not completing work at home. Teachers may provide incentives for the reading logs at their discretion.

Students should not be struggling to complete any work at home. No new concepts will be introduced to students during home review.

Home Review Grades K-2 & Home Practice Grades 3-5

The purpose of Home Review is to engages the parents in what is going on at school and the value of Home Practice is primarily in the set up of an independent evening routine.

On average the review for grades K-2 should take students less than 15 minutes and practice for grade 3-5 should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Students are not expected to learn any new material at home; any work completed will be a review of the broad concepts presented at school. If a student has a challenge with the material that comes home or the material is taking considerably longer than anticipated, parents should indicate these challenges to the teacher.

Kavod focuses on growth mindset and we ask parent to not provide answers to students at home, but rather encourage them to give it a try.

If parents want more work, resources can be found on the teachers’ portals on parent square. Additionally, if teachers feel supplemental work at home can assist any particular student they will work one-on-one with that child’s family to provide differentiated material.

Students at the elementary level will only come home with traditional homework if they are unable to complete work provided during class time or missed work for various reasons.

Middle School Grades

In grades 6-8 Kavod students will be provided with both home practice and home work; however, when requiring work to be completed at home, Kavod maintains our commitment to provide only valuable and needed assignments that are considerate of home-life time constraints.

Kavod only assigns required homework, which is factored into grading, when absolutely necessary or as individual students need to complete required assignments. Kavod teachers plan collaboratively, to ensure students are not inundated and Kavod never provides “needless” work.

Home practice, as with our elementary grades, is not required nor factored into a student’s grade, it is provided solely for supplemental support.

Students will be expected to continue nightly reading of about 30 minutes.

Nightly Reading Expectation

Grade Minutes of Reading Recommended
TK-1st Grade 10-15 minutes
2nd Grade 20 minutes
3rd – 5th Grade  20-30 minutes
6th-8th Grade 30 minutes