Can you really explore the world from the comfort of a classroom? We think so. Kavod Charter School brings the world to our tuition-free TK-8 school through robust global studies curriculum, immersive language learning and a diverse community that enriches and strengthens our quest to make the world a more respectful place.  

Exploring the world helps students develop empathy and understanding as well as critical skills like perspective taking and problem solving. Our Global Studies curriculum for TK-5th grade, and the International Baccalaureate MYP for 6th-8th grade, is aligned with language instruction to engage students in an understanding of how history, culture and language are deeply intertwined in both local and global communities. Kavod explorers gain an appreciation of the wide world and the role each of us plays in making the world more peaceful and just. 

Our explorers start learning modern Hebrew in TK, unlocking a world of opportunity and developing nimble bilingual skills that not only support interpersonal communication, but are also highly valued in a variety of careers. In middle school, explorers have the additional opportunity to learn Spanish, furthering their skills, employability and ability to communicate with a large percentage of our world. 

Kavod Means Respect; OLAM Means the World

We believe that respect makes a world of difference. Just like knowledge, our respect for each other and our world can grow with tending and care. We weave our OLAM values throughout our curriculum as we nurture a positive and respectful school environment that encourages students to open their minds and hearts to the world around them. 

Our diverse community welcomes explorers and families of all cultures and backgrounds to get connected and make meaningful contributions to our community. From hosting Shin-Shinim volunteers to popular events like our Culture Fair, we seek opportunities to increase intercultural communication and celebrate our diversity. And, through service to our community, Kavod explorers learn about the needs of their local and global communities and discover ways they can make a positive impact. 

Come explore the world with Kavod! We’re enrolling for 2024 and can’t wait to have you join our community. Check out our enrollment page to get started. 

About Kavod

Kavod is a tuition-free public charter school in San Diego committed to growing the next generation of bilingual, globally aware leaders who will make the world a more respectful place. We offer modern Hebrew and Spanish to diverse TK-8th graders alongside a rigorous curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, and enriching electives. As a small, non-religious elementary and middle school, we are consistently ranked as a top 10% charter school in California and the nation. Kavod means respect – we believe respect makes a world of difference. Enroll with Kavod today! 


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