Each year at Kavod Charter School, our entire school community celebrates our Cultural Fair and Family Day. This annual tradition is born from an Israeli holiday called Yom HaMishpacha (Hebrew: יום המשפחה) that honors the family, similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the U.S. 

Cultural Fair and Family Day is the cherry on top of our efforts to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Throughout the school year, Kavod explorers are exposed to cultures, languages and ways of thinking that support them to become globally aware citizens. As we gather as a community to share our learning and each other’s company, we explore the world with delicious foods and cultural games. It’s a favorite day for everyone. 

Our multicultural community pulls out all the stops for this favorite day. Mouthwatering foods from around the world, cultural activities and loads of fun are had by all. 

Additionally, this day is a chance for students to showcase the art project that represents their family. The party doesn’t stop during the day – we also host a family dance for Kavod families to dance and have fun together.  

Did you miss out on this year’s cultural fair? Join us next year – we’re enrolling for Fall 2024-25 and we’ll save a few delicious treats for you!  

About Kavod

Kavod is a tuition-free public charter school in San Diego committed to growing the next generation of bilingual, globally aware leaders who will make the world a more respectful place. We offer modern Hebrew and Spanish to diverse TK-8th graders alongside a rigorous curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, and enriching electives. As a small, non-religious elementary and middle school, we are consistently ranked as a top 10% charter school in California and the nation. Kavod means respect – we believe respect makes a world of difference. Enroll with Kavod today! 


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