Our Transition Process: Kavod closed campus on March 13th, 2020. The middle school program was in full launch as of Monday, March 16th. During the first week of the campus closure the elementary students were provided with packets and resources while the school worked to provide our families with computers and math books, the program was fully transitioned to distance-learning by the following Monday, March 23rd. Below are the testimonials from parents and team members about the experience of our site-based program moving into an impromptu distance learning program.

Testimonials from Parents and Team Members

This overflowing gratitude can go on, but my final shout out for today is to Mrs. Greenland. The fact that Kavod was and is light years ahead of other schools, districts, states, and nations in their response to Covid 19 is a reflection of you caring leadership. For any teacher that has been around and worked at other schools, we know you have created something special at Kavod and that schools like Kavod don’t happen by accident. It is an honor to be a part of such an amazing team and thank you for allowing me to play some small role in our collective efforts to help cultivate the hearts and minds of future citizens of the world!

Overall all We would like to thank for all Kavod staff members for their incredible job they are doing at this quarantine time.they are so helpful in every aspect.

Kavod team is AMAZING & has been even more so during this time! Thank you for all your hard work!

We are facing a challenging time with this pandemic but my household is grateful for a school program that shows how much they value their students and staff. While there are other schools that lack communication, keeping parents updated on program happenings while trying to adjust daily is both admirable and appreciated. Thank you.

The teaching staff and the behind-the-scenes work by the team members has been incredible. We are particularly grateful for the mix of live classes and video lessons that allow us just enough flexibility to keep up with the content. [Our child] misses all her teachers, friends and the Kavod campus, but you’ve all done a phenomenal job and we are so grateful for all your hard work. We also appreciate the transparency that the leadership has provided to how the planning for Distance Learning has gone forward. Thanks again for everything
you do!

Each year gets better and better. The leadership is outstanding and the quality of the teachers is extremely impressive. Thank you to Mrs. Greenland for doing a phenomenal job vetting and hiring staff and creating a “Dream Team”!!! Kol Hakavod! Todah!

Thanks for all you and your staff do. I also appreciate the parents who bring up questions and concerns to help us consider alternative perspectives for the well-being of all of our children.

We are grateful for all the time and effort the teachers are giving us. We also understand every families needs are different. Thanks for
caring enough to check in and ask.

I am beyond grateful for the entire Kavod team for navigating these unprecedented circumstances with heart, grace, and with the utmost concern for our children. THANK YOU ALL.

As parents, we can’t begin to tell you (Mr. McKeown) how much pride it gives us to see Sam’s passion for learning continue during these times and this ultimately stems from you being such a great teacher, inspiration and role-model to Sam. Its evident how much you care about your students and what you do! I commend you and deeply respect and appreciate the time and hard work behind the scenes that goes into keeping 12 year old students on track in the hour that you have their attention. It does not go unnoticed which is why we wanted to send you this small note of enormous appreciation for all that you have done, not only in the classroom setting but especially on the virtual platform during the last few weeks.

I’ve never been more proud of #kavodcharterschool than I am now. The degree to which they are going above and beyond the standard during this challenging time is inspiring. I couldn’t be more grateful for the excellence, professionalism and quality of education my children have received from Kavod. THANK YOU!!

[I want to] express my gratitude for everything the Kavod Team has done to make the new normal great.

I think Kavod and all its staff are doing an amazing job, above and beyond any other school!

Thank you for such clear communication, your understanding for working families and the ability to participate in online learning and for asking for this feedback! We are grateful for Kavod and hope Everyone can return soon.

I am so impressed by the team and the program. Everyone has pulled together and really shown their professional and personal
devotion to the success of the students. Great job.

We wanted to make sure that you know how extremely grateful we are to the school and the staff. You have all gone above and beyond
to help during these challenging times. We feel so lucky to be part of this community and amazing school. Thank you!

I appreciate all the work, love and commitment of the wonderful staff, as well the willingness to listen to our opinions and preferences.

Our family is deeply appreciative of all the efforts that the Kavod teaching team has been making. It is simply incredible. The flexibility in expectations is also very appreciated as we still find it difficult to manage our work/childcare/education balance. It is a very organic situation, so thank you for all the support.

I truly think Kavod team doing amazing job with my kids! They are helpful, awareness and communicating on weekly basis to make sure things are going well on our ends. I couldn’t be so much more grateful for such good working team as Kavod staff.

You guys are crushing the distance learning! I’m so impressed with how well we’ve done, especially as I hear stories from ordinary
public school friends.

I think EVERYONE is doing an AMAZING job – we are grateful to be a part of the Kavod family!!!

The teachers have been wonderful through all this! Shout out and thank you to Ms. Stulac, Ms. Whitman, Hamorah Netta, and Senior Jonathan!! Also, Ms. Lopez has been so helpful any time we’ve had technology questions. Thank you!!

We are grateful for how quickly Kavod was able to transition to distance learning. Thank you!

We love Kavod very much and are grateful to their staff. We are proud to be part of the Kavod community and family.

[We] picked up a Chromebook from the Director of her charter school’s HOME on the first day schools were closed. [My daughter] has been engaged in full, graded curriculum, online learning with an organized schedule, daily live Zoom classes with all teachers, phone calls and personal emails from all teachers for 3 WEEKS NOW!!! When her advisory teacher called us on the phone to check in after the first week of online instruction and we let him know that the webcam on her school issued laptop was broken, the Director Alexa Greenland arranged an exchange for a brand new laptop within days.