What Parents are Saying about Kavod…

“Kavod’s commitment to our family and the time and support they have provided us in transitioning into the school has been priceless. The leadership and staff have gone out of their way to be emotionally present, and stand in our corner when obstacles are prevalent. All of the faculty have made it very clear they are working with our family and not for our family. We are regularly treated as if we are their ONLY family they work with. Without knowing it, one would think we are paying money out of my own pocket for our son’s education, as the personalized care and support supersedes any privately
paid school we have attended.” – Mrs. Coughlin

“Melea & Karis thoroughly enjoy educational experience at Kavod, they are first graders just beginning their second year. While at attending Kavod they have excelled academically and socially. They are able to communicate in Hebrew. and have strong cohort of diverse friends. Kavod has the right formula, a strong focus on academics, character development and global responsibility.” – Ms. Morris

“My son Ethan G. loves Kavod. It is his second year here and he enjoys learning about his core subjects as well as singing and speaking in Hebrew. The staff and teachers are all wonderful and supportive of their students and families. Kavod’s unique learning environment, low student and teacher ratio, bilingual Hebrew program and commitment to academic excellence makes this a top-notch school for your child to grow and learn.” – Ms. Castro

“We love Kavod so much we commute nearly 20 miles each way for Tommy to be able to attend. As parents we appreciate the high levels of staff interaction with the students, the smaller environment and that the character values we strive to teach at home are reinforced with creativity at school. I value the community feel of the school, that parents and teachers are connected and that many families engage in activities together outside of school time. Tommy loves the energetic teachers, the service learning projects, Kavod “family time” where he interacts with kids in different grades and, of course, learning (and teaching me) Hebrew! We are proud members of the Kavod community!” – Mr. and Mrs. Robinson

“Kavod is not just a school, it’s our community! When we moved to San Diego and enrolled our 1st grader at Kavod, we were instantly welcomed to an extended family and new network of friends. With so many family oriented activities at school, our preschooler asks when he can go to Kavod. For our family, Kavod is home away from home!” – Mr. and Mrs. Dajman

“We love attending Kavod because Kavod has a top notch curriculum where I can learn Hebrew via two Hebrew teachers along with my primary teacher, Ms. Platt. We live far away and could attend the school near our home but instead we drive 30 minutes every day to attend Kavod.” – Mrs. Shin

“We were at a loss for schooling before we found Kavod. Our son was coming out of a small private school and we were looking for a family atmosphere with differentiated learning. We had a child who was reading at a second grade level and already doing math. We wanted the challenge of Language Immersion with the feel of a small school community. Kavod has given us all that and more! His teacher and the rest of the staff are exceedingly communicative, and we have worked with us to help our son. Plus he loves his teacher and his school and is already answering us back in Hebrew even though he had no prior exposure to the language.” – Ms. Dunn

“We love Kavod Elementary for the personal attention given to each student and for the high quality of the staff and teachers. Most of all, we appreciate it for broadening our daughter’s perception and outlook, thanks to the multi-national and cultural environment and education that it offers.” – Mr. and Mrs. Gurwitz

“We believe that Kavod’s goal to offer and provide children with a small classroom size, instruction of spoken and written Hebrew, differentiated instruction and service learning, while also emphasizing important values such as respect, diversity and empathy, has proven to be successful and effective. Kavod selects excellent educators who not only care about the children’s learning experiences, but also about ensuring that these values are integrated into the classroom setting. Our two boys have thrived.” – Mrs. Bresler-Reinstein

“We are thrilled with our choice to send our son to Kindergarten at Kavod and look forward to sending our other children there as well. We really wanted a charter school for him. A smaller school, with a more diversified curriculum was extremely important to us. Kavod offers that and so much more. He has had the easiest transition to Kindergarten, far better then we expected. We attribute that to the wonderful staff at Kavod. He is happy, he is learning, he is speaking and singing songs in Hebrew. The small school atmosphere is really wonderful. The fact that each morning he is greeted by name does wonders for him and for us. He’s not a random child at the school, he’s a welcome member of the community. Please, renew the charter. We cannot wait to send our other children to Kavod when they are of age!” – Mrs. Chodos

We are extremely pleased with our Kavod elementary charter school experience thus far and are advocating strongly for its continued presence in our community. Our son was a part of the Kindergarten class last year and is currently in the first grade and absolutely loves it. They continue to stress the core values we hold dear (respect for others, teamwork, friendship, integrity and community) while providing an atmosphere where the children thrive. Our son is currently fluent in the Hebrew language thanks to this wonderful school and the amazing teachers. Please support our desire for Kavod to grow! – Mrs. Carano

Of parents who completed the parent survey in February 2018:

  • 98% of parents stated that they were satisfied with the Kavod program.
  • 100% of parents stated Kavod creates a culture that values and encourages diversity and global awareness.
  • 96% of parents stated that they believe parent involvement and input is welcome at the school.
  • 96% of parents stated that they believe Kavod ensures a safe program focused on respect.
  • 100% of parents stated that their students enjoy learning.
  • 98% of parents stated that at Kavod parents can be involved if they want to be.
  • 100% of parents stated that Kavod provides adequate support for student academic growth.
  • 100% of parents stated that Kavod provides exposure to various electives.
  • 100% of parents stated that Kavod provides exposure to digital literacy.
  • 100% of parents stated that Kavod has a collaborative, highly qualified team of instructors that works to ensure differentiated instruction.