Here at Kavod Charter School, we are a tight-knit, dual-language school filled to the brim with warmth, joy, and students who are hungry to learn. Our tuition-free program overflows with academic rigor, enrichments, elective classes, and an outstanding International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program for students at the 6th-8th grade level. Our students leave Kavod prepared and ready to take on the world.

“They instill a love for learning.” 

As the 2023-24 school year comes to a close, our parents and students say Todah תודה (thank you) to their teachers for their passion towards student success. Check out these testimonials from Kavod families who love it here:

“The best education decision we have made with our kids.”

“With their hands-on approach, the seasoned administration and staff have armored our child with knowledge, character, social skills, and self-esteem that has spring boarded him towards his current and future success.”

“My kids were not familiar with the language and now they can speak a little Hebrew in only a year. The regular classes are well taught and advanced without putting too much pressure on the kids.”

“They work very hard to help every kid and create a community dynamic. It’s more than a school. It is a community where all children can succeed.”

Building the Foundation of Your Child’s Future

Making the switch to our highly acclaimed dual-language program offers an unparalleled educational experience that our families rave about online. Join us at Kavod Charter School as we nurture a future generation of confident, bilingual learners, prepared to thrive in a multicultural world. Open the doors to a broader global perspective, enriching cognitive abilities and enhancing your child’s communication skills.

We are a tuition-free public school for grades TK-8 in San Diego. Kavod Charter School provides a joyful and vibrant learning environment that celebrates diversity and academic excellence. Our families think we are “The BEST OF THE BEST educational enrichment program in San Diego!” We’re certain you’ll love it here. Enrolling now – tell a friend!  

About Kavod

Kavod is a tuition-free public charter school in San Diego committed to growing the next generation of bilingual, globally aware leaders who will make the world a more respectful place. We offer modern Hebrew and Spanish to diverse TK-8th graders alongside a rigorous curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, and enriching electives. As a small, non-religious elementary and middle school, we are consistently ranked as a top 10% charter school in California and the nation. Kavod means respect – we believe respect makes a world of difference. Enroll with Kavod today! 

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