We love middle schoolers at Kavod. We see this period of great growth and change as an opportunity—a chance to learn, to discover new interests and a time to shine as leaders in our TK-8 school. Our small tuition-free school is the perfect setting for adolescents to feel comfortable branching out. Here are a few more highlights of our middle school program:

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

We are 1 of only 4 schools in San Diego to offer the world renowned International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. We see firsthand how this global framework develops curious, knowledgeable and empathetic individuals who strive to create a better world. All Kavod students take the following courses for 6th-8th grade: 

🔹Language and Literature



🔹Individuals and Societies




🔹A Visual and/or Performing Art Class

🔹Physical & Wellness Education  

🔹A variety of additional enrichment opportunities

Colleges and universities around the world recognize the IB MYP as a rigorous, preparatory approach to teaching and learning that creates serious and well-rounded students. Students with an IB MYP background are distinguished from those with a more traditional American education system in the college admissions process.

Clubs & More

We offer a wide variety of clubs for all of our students to explore a new interest and find a place to belong. Some of the options we offer include: Dungeons & Dragons, Art, Non-Competitive Sports, Journalism, Band, Hebrew Support, LGBTQ+/Rainbow, Math Support and Yearbook.


Our leadership program invites middle schoolers to apply to be an Ambassador to our younger explorers. The program is highly honored as Ambassadors are selected for their positive record of demonstrating OLAM values. Ambassadors attend the first two days of elementary school to act as mentors for our TK-5 explorers, who are eager to learn from the oldest in the building. It’s another way we build strong bonds and a caring community at our tight-knit school. 

Character Development

We believe respect makes a world of difference. First and foremost, we model and teach respect among our staff, students and wider community. Kavod explorers are held to a high standard of character; we see our middle schoolers rise to the expectations through their interactions with staff, their peers and the younger explorers at our building. We have built an inclusive community and our middle schoolers are an essential part of it.

Preparation for High School 

The rigor of the IB MYP not only prepares Kavod explorers for the challenge of high school, but experience in the program also provides any advantage when applying to a high school with the IB Diploma Years program. In addition to strong academics, we offer the opportunity to earn high school credits in Hebrew, Spanish and Math while still in middle school–an excellent advantage for those interested in graduating early.   

8th Grade Trip to Israel

By the time our explorers have reached 8th grade, they have been immersed in the study of the Hebrew language as well as the culture of Israel for many years. As a celebration of this achievement, and an opportunity to put their skills to the test, 8th grade explorers at Kavod are invited to participate in a 10 day capstone trip to Israel. It’s a highlight and a learning experience for everyone involved. 

Perhaps most importantly, middle schoolers graduate from Kavod as well-balanced, bilingual thinkers and doers who understand our common and shared responsibilities within the world. Think your middle school student could benefit from our program? Our small charter school is enrolling for Fall 2023. 

About Kavod

Kavod is a non-religious, tuition-free public school that teaches the modern Hebrew language to TK-8th grade explorers in San Diego. We value rigor, bilingualism and international education as a means to develop compassionate global citizens. Kavod means “Respect” in Hebrew- and our vision is for every explorer to respect themselves, each other, their community, and other cultures. Enroll with Kavod today!

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