Assessment Data

Based on assessment results from 2017-2018 reported data, Kavod has ranked:

  • In the top 3 of dual language elementary programs in San Diego  (and the only one to offer 2 languages beyond English)
  • In the top 3 of elementary charter schools (K-8) in San Diego
  • In the top 5 elementary schools in the Clairemont/UTC Area

*Kavod’s data below is as of the 17-18 assessment. State, County and District reflect 16-17 as we have not yet received updated data.

Grade Level Proficiency per the SBAC state assessment.

 Grades 3-5 Assessed Total ELA Proficiency Total Math Proficiency
Kavod Elementary 70%* 60%*
State of CA 45% 40%
San Diego County 53% 48%
San Diego Unified School District 54% 52%


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