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Why Choose Kavod?

Kavod is a TK-8 rigorous academic program. At Kavod, students value diversity, appreciate other cultures, and understand the importance of becoming global citizens. Dual-language is a core component of Kavod’s program with students learning Hebrew daily as well as Spanish on a weekly basis. Students actively engage in service-learning projects in order to become productive members of society. Additionally, as child-health and understanding of sportsmanship contributes to students growing into respectful citizens, Kavod is proud to continue to offer a comprehensive Physical Education and music program. The Kavod instructional model is rigorous as Kavod has a longer school day than many other elementary schools.

Kavod is a public non-religious school. Students of diverse backgrounds and cultures enroll at Kavod regardless of any family connection to the Hebrew language as learning multiple languages provides children with immense value.

Kavod’s middle school is an International Baccalaureate program and one of only 4 MYP International Baccalaureate schools in San Diego.

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Learning Modern Hebrew, a language that is not based in the same letter-alphabet and reads right to left enhances cognitive development. Bilingual students tend to be more advanced and open to more opportunities in work, social life and school.

As part of our language program at Kavod, explorers of all grades learn about holidays and  traditions from around the world, participate in cultural fairs, and enjoy visits from bilingual guest speakers that share real-life career stories. 8th graders have the opportunity to visit Israel or attend leadership camps.

Service-based learning means students learn by volunteering and helping others. It allows our explorers to interact with their communities as they learn different aspects of their cultures.

Middle school explorers can earn high school credit in Hebrew, Spanish, and Math. Our middle school IB program challenges our explorers in nine subjects.

We provide a student-centered learning environment, helping every explorer meet his or her full academic potential. Kavod hires teachers who have a demonstrated commitment and talent to this teaching philosophy.

Kavod’s combination of physical activity, connection to the arts and music encourages a fun learning process, resulting in successful student achievement.

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