Physical Education, Music & Other Electives

Kavod’s combination of physical activity, connection to the arts and strong academics, encourages a fun learning process, resulting in successful student achievement and high assessment scores for the students of the Kavod family!

Physical Education

Kavod focuses on Physical Education as well as academics. Every student has the ability to increase their self-confidence, and therefore improve their physical and cognitive performances through organized physical education focusing on individual, paired and small group activities emphasizing personal best and team building.

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Physical Education at Kavod encompasses a multitude of activities allowing all children to become skilled and fit and occurs throughout the day with regular PE classes, structured morning and lunch recess, and other activities throughout the year. Our PE program does not focus on competition, but instead on building skill, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Activities include running, gymnastics, skills in sports, music, and ongoing skilled activities.

Our emphasis on teaching our students to be physically active, increases their ability to remain focused in the classroom and absorb the rigorous instruction and phenomenal teaching.

Our students also have multiple brain breaks and recesses throughout the school day.


The following benefits of music in elementary school, provided by the National Association of Music Education, directly align to the Kavod program:

  1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning.
  2. Students learn to improve their work.
  3. Students of music can be more emotionally developed, with empathy towards other cultures. They also tend to have higher self esteem and are better at coping with anxiety.
  4. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity.
  5.  Kids who study the arts can learn to think creatively. This kind of education can help them solve problems by thinking outside the box and realizing that there may be more than one right answer.
  6. Performing a musical piece teaches kids how to take risks and deal with fear, which will help them become successful and reach their potential.

Enrichment Opportunities

Kavod Explorers are exposed to many enrichment opportunities throughout their years at Kavod to provide a holistic educational experience.


Families can apply via the schoolmint portal.

You can reach out to our Director of Enrollment to learn more at

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